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Finding out what motivates people to visit or not visit an area is crucial when considering how to reach your desired audiences and how to present your destination’s assets. The first step to improving a place is by understanding what the real or perceived barriers to visitation are and the perception research is a great tool for strategy development.

Generally, this type of research looks at visitor profiles, identifies key trends, associations, motivations, and considers general attitudes to the destination, the unique selling points, etc., while tracking perception changes between studies.

Click here to view an infographic that was developed as part of the perception research for Visit Kent.

Depending on the objectives, this type of study allows for several methodologies to be used, keeping in mind however that a few point of comparison are always desirable. A perception study is a great background for strategy work, marketing campaigns and funding applications, allowing a DMO to understand visitor dynamics and advise partners accordingly of emerging trends or pitfalls. 

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