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Understanding how your destination or your business is seen by your current visitors or potential visitors is a key element in keeping afloat in a very competitive industry.

We have successfully delivered a series of visitor studies, helping destinations understand what their visitors’ expectations are, how satisfied they are with the product and the facilities, to what extent would they return and whether they would recommend their experience, amongst many others. 

 This type of research is a fundamental tool and, depending on your priorities, it can guide your content, your tone of voice, the markets you are trying to reach, your product development and your wider positioning.

Tourism businesses benefit from these studies by being able to map the visitor journey. It allows them to make informed decisions around collaboration opportunities with the goal of increasing the number of visitors and the value of their visits. These insights offer crucial background, informing the development of cross-sector projects and funding applications.

You can read about the visitor economy study we carried out for HS1 here.

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